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K-12 Mens et Manus

[Mens et Manus = "Mind & Hand" (MIT's motto)]

An independent study that helps 

K-12 schools advance STEAM education

by learning from MIT


The STEAM education model is seen by many as the 21st-century approach to learning. In today's innovation-driven economy, the skillsets that people need in order to thrive are vastly different from the past. Embracing STEAM will help better prepare students for the future. 

Learning from MIT

MIT is a pioneer in STEAM education, and there is much that K-12 educators can learn from its success. We took a deep-dive into various MIT entities to distill insights about its vision, cross-disciplinary design and many more. 


Advancing STEAM in Your School

Drawing inspirations from MIT, we used Kurt Lewin's 3-Stage Model of Change to help K-12 educators rethink how they can advance their schools' STEAM education. We offered ideas and tools to unfreeze, change and refreeze.

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