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About Us

The Project


K-12 Mens et Manus is an independent study that a team of graduate students at MIT Sloan School of Management embarked on. Driven by a common passion for improving the education space, our team hopes to help enhance people's understanding of MIT's STEAM education philosophy, as well as offer practical guidance on how to advance STEAM education in K-12 schools.

[Note: "K-12" is a US expression that refers to kindergarten to Grade 12, i.e. school grades prior to college. "Mens et Manus" is MIT's motto, which means "Mind & Hand" in Latin.] 

The Team

Angele Law - Headshot_edited.jpg

Angele Law

Project Leader

Angele Law is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. She is an Edtech Sector Practice Co-Leader at Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and a Co-President at Sloan Education Club. She initiated various education projects at Boston Public Schools, EdSurge, Education Pioneers & Boston Consulting Group etc.

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Jeff Huang

Team Member

Jeff Huang is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. He is a Co-chair of MIT Sloan's Asia Business Conference, and has been a Co-founder of COMLAB, an education firm focused on English communication skills for MBA applicants and executives .

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Wataru Daoita

Team Member

Wataru Doita is an MBA candidate at MIT Sloan. He is a Co-President at MIT Sloan's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club. He previously interned at a startup promoting experiential learning in Japan.


David Birnbach

Faculty Advisor

David Birnbach is a Lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His focus is in the domains of technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and education. He is a Team Leader at STEAM Studio Education Foundation, which advises various schools including Tech Boston Academy & Grater Lawrence Technical School.

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