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Advancing STEAM Education in Your School


Having gained inspiration from MIT’s philosophy towards STEAM education, how can educators work towards advancing their schools’ STEAM education offering? How can we effectively bring about and manage organisational change?


One of the cornerstone models for organisational change was developed by Kurt Lewin in the 1940s, and it is still widely practiced today. (Kurt Lewin was a psychologist known as a modern pioneer of social, organizational, and applied psychology in the United States. His notable experiences include being the Director of the Center for Group Dynamics at MIT.) Lewin’s model is known as “the 3-Stage Model of Change: Unfreeze – Change – Refreeze”.


Click on the --> button on any of the three sections below for the tools or exercises our team has created. They are developed to help educators navigate each step in the 3-Stage Model of Change when advancing their school’s STEAM offering:

Stage 1:


Our team came up with exercises to help K-12 schools reduce the forces that try to maintain its behavior at its present level

Stage 2:


We offered various ideas on what changes are needed in schools and how to increase the chance of success in implementation

Stage 3:


We provided various techniques to help schools ensure that advancements in STEAM education are stable and institutionalized

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